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Digi-Lab x The Ryukyu Shimpo

Kids IT and Programming Contest

"Kids IT and Programming contest" 2023 is now open!!

The opening for the "Kids IT and Programming Contest 2023", sponsored by PLAZMA .Inc is finalized! We look forward to programming works full of ideas created by children. Children can apply with programming work they created themselves in any programing environments such as Scratch. We are assuming the children will be presenting their motivation, thoughts, features, and difficulties in creating their works.


Submission Deadline

Jan. 15th 2023

Recording Date

Jan. 21st 2023

Publish Date

Feb. 5th 2023

Application Overview

Elementary schooler under 12 years old who lives in Okinawa.

Both individuals and groups can be applicable. group should be 2 - 4 students.

Free of charge

Paticipants are to submit an filmed and edited video about an app, video, robot, or drone based on your original idea. Presentation time is 3 minutes. Present your motivation, thoughts, features, and difficulties in the creation of your work. No programming language or environment is specified. The emphasis is not on the quality of the work, but on the applicant's passion for development and presentation skills. However, technical points will be given if the actual work is submitted.

The Grand Prix winner will receive a certificate and, as a secondary prize, a chance to represent Okinawa in the National Programming Competition for Elementary School Students to be held in Tokyo in March 2023 (subsidies for travel expenses will be provided). In addition to the Grand Prix and Runner-up Grand Prix, multiple prizes will be awarded, including a sponsor's crown prize. We do not intend to rank all participants.

Application Method